Academic (Linguistic) Club

Mount Litera Zee School encourages students to participate in a wide-range of clubs in school including clubs like Literary Club, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Club, Health and Wellness Club etc.

Each Club is a community where students engage in continuous learning and MLZS supports them in finding their unique potential. Each club has activity groups, which are populated by interested members so that specific interest areas under a club can be addressed according to the number of interested students.

A majority of the club activities are aligned with the Mount Litera Olympiad so that students have a goal and timeframe in mind when they engage in club activities. The linguistic club has been bifurcated into the Editorial Board and Newspaper in Education (NIE)

The members of the Editorial Board undertake several tasks to showcase the school as a society and maintain the records of the various events that take place in the school. Charts are designed for the club display board every month and book reviews of the latest books available in the literary are written.

The students of the club are provided the training to interview the guests, dignitaries and resource persons visiting the school. Also the newsletter(Reflections) and other school publications are complied by this club.In NIE students are trained for group discussions, article writing on the topics given by the various newspapers and sent for publishing. Film reviews, debate, extempore, declamation are a part of the club activities.

Mathematics club(Class VI – IX)

Objective – This club looks into enhancing mathematical and logical skills and inculcating the habit of visualizing a problem and then solving it. It also includes hands on practical activities. The club gives a chance to students to explore new ideas and techniques to tackle a problem. Schedule during activity periods:

  • To cover the practical aspects of a problem
  • Students have been divided into various groups to perform various activities to clarify/enhance the conceptual knowledge.
  • They maintain a club notebook to keep the record of the work done during the period.
  • To enhance the mathematical and logical skills, various online puzzles/games are solved/played by the students.
  • In class IX students are working for lab manual with emphasis given on fast calculations by short cut methods.

Science Club

Science plays an important role in studying various phenomena taking place inside or outside the body of an organism. It deals with physical and chemical processes happening in our surrounding. In order to develop scientific temperament in all age groups, activity club is categorized into 4 groups.

  1. Explore The Nature: Students study the biodiversity of plants and animals present within school premises. They also study the various concepts through Science Park Models.
  2. DNA Clubs: This club is for group III and IV. It helps students to carry out activities related to various biological process taking place in organisms. Study of various types of crops as well as the process of growing crops till harvesting is done by the undertaken students themselves in crop cafeteria.
  3. Innovation in science (Chemistry & Physics): Students study about various chemical and physical phenomenon taking place in nature. They also prepare for the various interschool and National level competitions.
  4. Green School Project: It is done under the guidance of centre for science and environment. Focus of this year is on Eco-friendly activites and improvement in the environment which can take place in neighbourhood.

Social Science - Heritage Club

Quiz (VI - IX):
  • This club Prepares the students for future the competitions like CBSE Heritage Quiz.
  • Inculcate the habit of speaking and discussing the various aspects of a particular topic.
  • Develops the skill of analyzing among the students through various topics.
  • Quiz is conducted on various topics during activity periods.
Museum (VI-IX):

Students of this club are involved in :

  • Documentation cataloguing and analysis of artifacts, manuscripts and textile in the museum.
  • Spreading awareness on the tangible and intangible Heritage of India by developing the Museum.
Computer Science - Robotics Club (VI-IX)

Robotics club is a platform to the students to enhance their mechanical as well as analytical skills.

The entire advance course is divided into 3 levels – Beginners, Intermediate and Expert. At each level students will learn Assembling of Robots and Programming on computers to make the robots workable. LEGO Mindstrom Kits are used for this activity.

Students will be trained to participate in Robotics Olympiad as well as get exposure to International Robotics Olympiad based on their capabilities. On the successful completion of each level, certificate will be given.