Career Counseling session was rendered to the parents and students in school premises. The Career Counselor gave an insight into various careers available and necessary information about the careers. He told the students, ‘The first thing is to analyze your interest, hobby, inclination and potential. If you choose a career based on hobby and interest the rate of success and satisfaction level is high. Give priority to your potential and interest; do not choose any career under the influence of friends and parents.’

The Parents were told to help their wards to choose career keeping in mind- Area of interest, personality, aptitude, (assess your ward’s strengths and weaknesses, skills, possibility and opportunities and capability). He discussed about the conventional and non conventional careers wherein the career options were covered in five groups viz. People based, Creative, Business, Physical/Outdoor & Science based careers. It included coverage of premier institutes, starting salaries & work environment. Few Parents also gave their consent for Aptitude testing and individual counseling in school .It was an open House session from morning till afternoon.The students and parents were satisfied with their queries being solved patiently. It was an enriching experience for one and all.