Middle Programme

At Mount Litera Zee School Alwar we have specifically designed varied school programs to ensure a healthy balance that lies at the core of all our scholastic and co-scholastic planning.

Our programs are focused on interdisciplinary, project-based and research-driven. We understand that our children are going to live and lead the world. So are designed for the future?

At Mount Litera Zee School Alwar we create an ecosystem where we function as artistic edupreneurs. This enables them to survive and thrive in tomorrow’s world.


At this age, children are in a stage of intellectual and social development and the learner begins to himself connect herself with the community in a larger sense. An .

integrated package of teaching, learning and assessment is delivered through the Litera Octave approach; the child is directed towards independent learning and is guided to take on more responsibility.

The main objective of this stage is to help the children make connections, between the meaningful experiences in life and the courses of study.

The learner here is equipped with ‘learning skills’ and is ready to move on to the Secondary School Program.