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ESP of Child

“Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice.”

Knowledge is familiarity awareness or understanding of someone or something. Such as facts, information, descriptions or skills, this is acquired through experience or education by perceiving. Discovering or Learning. Value education does not form a separate dimension of the curriculum but is integrally interwoven into the entire fabric of the curriculum. Stress is laid on developing a methodical & disciplined approach to life, to have discriminating mind, the coverage to trade new path & to follow the dictates of one’s own conscience even if it means being different. Core values are the fundamental beliefs to a person or organization. A principle that guides an organizations internal conduct as well as its relationship with the external world. Core value is usually summarized in the mission statement or in a statement of core value. Core value can help school to know what’s right for the child (WRFC). This is the mantra through which we filter the child at the centre of everything that we do & ensures single minded devotion to the growth & development.

Life skills education is the study of abilities for adaptive & positive behavior that enable individuals to deal effectively with the demands & the challenges at everyday life.

Emergent Student Profile is our promise and our goal. Everything we do in the school strives to achieve this for each child. While each child will take a different path towards this profile, we run the school with the firm belief that it is this profile that will enable our children to be leaders of the 21st century.

Knowledge: -

Our students will gain knowledge in:

  • Higher Order Thinking Skills: - Students gain real understanding of each subject they take. This enables them to not only retain and apply but also create new knowledge and ideas from this understanding.
  • Sports: - Students are encouraged to take up sports, not only for Fitness and health but to ingrain the values of sportsmanship and teamwork. Art (Fine arts, Performing arts and Applied arts): - Students will develop proficiency in one or more art forms.
  • Entrepreneurship: - Students will see the world as an owner. They’ll develop an ability to reach a goal by making choices and sequencing actions.
  • Finance: -Students will develop a strong and empowering relationship with money and managing it

Life skills: -

Our students will emerge out of school with the following Life Skills:

  • Effective Habits: - Our character is a composite of our habits. Inspired by Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Mount Litera Schools have a series of programs during the duration of student’s stay that build effective habits for leading life.
  • Media Literacy: - Media literacy develops the ability to analyze, critique and effectively use the media to and more information and make informed decisions.
  • Aesthetic Sense: - Aesthetic sense helps students appreciate the beauty that exists around them and contribute to it.
  • Metacognition: - Metacognition is the skill of knowing how we learn and our peculiar style of learning. This gives us access to removing the hidden barriers to our learning.

Risk Taking: -

This is the skill of making your own decisions at the risk of making a mistake, rather than simply doing what you are told to by others.

  • Self-Management: - Self-management plans are used to teach students to independently complete tasks and take an active role in monitoring and reinforcing their own behaviour. An important goal in education is to foster self-reliance and independence.