About Us

Life at Mount Litera Zee School

Students set the tone for our school. They are passionate, principled committed, persistent and trained to excel. They share a desire to challenge themselves. By cultivating qualities such as analytical reasoning, self criticism and intellectual honesty. A culture of critical thinking and risk taking is developed wherein everything and everyone is open to being challenged and questioned.

Their passion to succeed promotes a stimulating intellectual climate which help pursue excellence. Apart from regular courses, our institutions offer examinations* in various subjects in collaboration with the University of Cambridge and offers subjects like Environmental Studies, Sustainable development programmes, Psychology etc. which enhance the skills to the optimum level.

Developing Talents

Theatre has been the backbone for improving the Standards of "Learning and Imparting meaningful Education through an experience" where the expressions of daily life are exhibited under the guidance of Professionals. We invite the students to pursue higher education in music and theatre by streamlining the process for training under "master". We encourage every student to take part in Music, Theater and Dance be it Indian, Western, Classical or Popular. It is our policy to support Choirs, Bands and present an Orchestra of Concert level.


Learning is an essential part of our life. What carries us through life is our ability to grow, to discover new possibilities in ourselves and the world. Our students will not shirk from the unknown fear, but embrace change with a consummate faith in the deepest principles of existence. Living on the edge, leading from the edge, they respond to uncertainty by joyously seeking their balance in dynamic interaction with the challenges of life

Life at Mount Litera Zee School