Teacher Training

A workshop on ‘’ Assessment and Evaluation".

A workshop on ‘’ Assessment and Evaluation ’’was held . Four teachers of MLZS had attended the workshop. about vision(to make an individual a complete personality)and domain(technology, medicare etc.) of his/her organization. The first session was started with the introduction to assessment and evaluation. Our principal madam explained that in school scenario, good curriculum standards and performance standards should have 80% planning,10% implementation and 10% feedback. In order to obtained the learning outcomes ,learning objectives should be defined well in advance. Second session was on cognitive levels and MCIs presented by Ms. Savita V. Singh. The objectives of the session were to discuss the different types of test items, various cognitive levels on the basis of revised Bloom’s Taxonomy and creating of good MCIs. Third Session was on evaluation of MCIs using standardized measures.

School attended the workshop on CCE, Assessment

Five teachers from our school attended the workshop on CCE, Assessment, How to frame MCI, .Calculation of p-value and Findlay’s Index etc. The resource persons were stressed upon learning objectives and achieving goals in the classroom situation. Ms.Alka stressed on making of MCI , the type of items ,execution of the test and evaluation of the level of performance of the students. Ms Sarita V. Singh explained the statistical part of the presentation i.e Calculation of p-value, and Findlay’s index. On the whole this helps us to make a better MCI Paper.